The project is implemented with the financial support of Operational Programme “Regional Development” 2007-2013,
co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund


• Delivery of 50 new trolleybuses
50 new trolleybuses are already in operation – equipped with air conditioning and improved energy efficiency – the induction motors and control system reduce the consumption of electric energy by up to 15%. Accessibility for people with disabilities and reduced eyesight is provided.

• Reconstruction of the tram line along Bulgaria Blvd.
The first stage of the reconstruction is completed. The tram tracks and catenary as well as the tram stations are completely renovated. The reconstructed tram line provides improved speed and travel conditions.

• Installation of 600 electronic information boards
600 new electronic information boards are installed on public transport stops. The boards show the type of vehicle, route number and destination, actual time of arrival at the stop and the current time. They also have voice announcement module to help people with reduced eyesight. Some of boards are powered by solar panels.

• Delivery, Installation and Integration of Intelligent Traffic System (ITS)
ITS equipment for 20 of the busiest intersections in the city and 750 vehicles of public transport will be delivered. The Intelligent Traffic System will allow the vehicles of public transport to improve their speed and keep their timetables without delays.

• Specialized vehicle for catenary maintenance of the electrical public transport
The new vehicle will be used use for catenary maintenance of the electrical public transport. It is equipped with diesel engine, meeting the highest European environmental requirement EURO VI, as well as with device for moving on the tram tracks.